Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves is coming to the Neo Geo X. Though you probably have the Xbox 360 version or the Dreamcast version or the PS2 version.

BLIP: The Kamen Rider Battride Trailer:


New Wii bundle is $130, and includes Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports in one disc instead of New Super Mario Bros. I wish it came with an extra Wii Remote, but who cares? Wii U is imminent.

Woah, Ramen making in Yakuza 5?!

I got a copy of Yakuza from the Gamestop PS2 sale (less than $4! yay!), and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the game. When it first came out, I joined the bandwagon of naysayers complaining about how they should've kept the original Japanese voices without playing the game first.